Meet the Herd – Mag

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Nutmeg, or “Mag”, is a real eye-catcher, with an attitude that can’t be beat. This lovely yellow pony is a people pleaser, with a calm attitude and unshakeable disposition, but don’t let her small stature fool you – she’s can be a real character. Laid back and personable with more timid and nervous participants, she’ll also test you if she knows there’s a confident leader yearning to come out.

Mag is a rock star pony who is often the center of attention, and one of the foundational horses upon which our program is built. She smart and quick, and will adapt her personality to fit the situation – she knows when to be tough and when to be a big softy. She is a great teacher of confidence, leadership, and communication.

In her off time she loves to chill out with her buddies in the field and working as a Dressage schoolmaster.

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