What is EAL?

Equine Assisted Learning, or EAL, is a unique and effective approach to personal and leadership development in which horses play an essential educational role. It is a proactive and experiential approach to empowering individuals through interactive group exercises that teach transferable life skills.

The unique nature of the horse, that is both sensitive, reflective, and aware, helps to make them exceptional teachers in the hands-on setting EAL programs provide. Horses are able to recognize key non-verbal signs in human voice and movement, allowing them to recognize the difference between someone who is calm versus someone who is anxious or nervous in their energy. Working together with groups and teams, horses used in EAL assist and guide participants through a range of activities and learning programs.

In their natural environment, horses operate under specific herd dynamics which help to ensure survival. Horses depend on one another, and on having strong leadership when faced with daunting circumstances. Using these same principles of herd dynamics, our programs help team harness the inherit instincts and energy of our horses, through rigorously designed team building and leadership exercises. The sensitivity and intuition of the horse ensures that participants regularly receive constant and honest feedback to help them grow, learn, and get things just right!

EAL program benefit everyone, regardless of your horse experience. To participate no prior riding or horse experience is required; all activities are performed on the ground with trained and certified facilitators on hand at all times.


Why horses?

Horses are inherently sensitive and reactive, making them acutely aware of subtle non-verbal cues and their surrounding environment. They know how to discern the differences in attitude and demeanour, from a calm non-threatening approach to anxious or nervous energy. This awareness makes horses excellent teachers and guides in the realm of experiential learning offered as part of Equine Assisted Learning programs.

Our Mission & Vision

It is our goal and our passion to deliver a top-notch and unique learning experience facilitated by certified professionals and taught alongside our experience equine teachers. We strive to provide programs that coach participants to develop key leadership and life skills, allowing them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), though a field still in its infancy, has been proven as an effective approach to professional and leadership development. Through the eyes of the horse, the constant and stoic teacher, individuals are empowered through group interaction and targeted learning experience that strive to challenge the mind and focus on the value of each and every individual’s contribution.

Our programs are for everyone. Regardless of age, background, or life experience. No riding or previous horse experience is required, all of our activities are facilitated from the ground with a certified facilitator present.

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