Embrace your power & your passion – The M.O.M Program

Are you a Mare on a Mission (M.O.M)?

Do you constantly feel like there is more to life, that you often focus more on others than yourself, or that you’re desperately reaching for a dream deep inside you that seems just out of reach?

You’re not alone! Come join a group of like minded woman who are using horses as their guides and discovering their passions in the process. Working with our horses will pull you out of your comfort zone, challenge you to reach your objectives, and provide you with a unique glance inside yourself – into your behaviours, attitudes, fears, and beliefs.

In these workshops we combine an experiential approach to learning alongside horses with in-depth group discussions with individuals on the same journey as you are. Come discover your passion and confidence to pursue your dreams!

Check our Event Calendar for upcoming events.

Ladies Night @ CONNECT!

Join us for an evening of engaging horse play with like minds!

Nothing rivals the bond between a woman and horses; it’s an experience, a connection, and a learning experience rolled into one.

Get up close and personal with our horses in a workshop that helps to build confidence and trust. Develop or enhance your communication skills, increase your self-awareness, and experience firsthand how our horse respond to and embrace you as part of the herd dynamics.

Every month we have a new unique and engaging exercise that helps to build on those you’ve already learned, promoting and environment of continuous learning, self-discovery, and a one-of-a-kind ladies night you won’t soon forget!

Date: Last Tuesday of every month

Cost: $50 (+HST) per session

Ages 20+


ReCONNECT! – Family Workshops

Looking for a unique activity that will help you reconnect with your family, provide a unique learning experience, and be fun enough to pull your kids away from their electronics?

If yes, then let our horses be your guide! Our unique CONNECT! Equine Assisted Learning programs provide targeted and engaging learning to help build communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. Your most important team is the one you have at home, your family, so why not help each other reconnect and learn how to communicate effective and work together.

Join our horses for an afternoon of horseplay that will help you learn more about how your family works, and what makes each of you tick.

Ages 6+, contact us for pricing.


My kind of Horse Play – Date Night!

Couples who play together, stay together!

Plan your next date night out at CONNECT!, and spend and exciting evening with your special someone and our horses. Our couples sessions focus on communication, trust, and keeping that spark alive through engaging and interactive problem solving activities.

Guaranteed to test and challenge you and your partner to accomplish the goals set out in each activity, you’ll also find yourself growing closer together as you learn more about yourself and your partner.

Check out our calendar of events for the next upcoming session.

Cost: $100 (+HST) / session

For ages 20+


Discover your love affair – Equine Discovery Workshop

Have you ever loved horses or admired them from afar, but never had the time, means, or opportunity to enjoy them?

Come out to CONNECT! for an afternoon to learn more about and discover horses at our Equine Assisted Learning Centre. In this 2 hour workshop you will spend one on one time with one of our very special horses, and learn more about equine behaviour, care, and grooming. For ages 8 and up.

Custom Workshops

Looking for a custom option designed to suit your schedule and specific needs? Look no further, CONNECT! offers a range of custom package options to suit you group and develop skills in communication or leadership, or strengthen your team dynamic.

Gather your friends, teammates, bridesmaids, church group, or book club and let us create an unforgettable experience for you!